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Paint Correction

Paint correction is a process of removing surface imperfections such as scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, and etchings from the paint of a vehicle, using specialized tools and polishes. 

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James is a very skilled guy, brings life back to tired old paintwork, I never thought it was possible to get such a great finish.”

Jeremey Lucas

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Revive Your Vehicle's paint With Our Paint Correction

The goal of paint correction is to leave the paint with a smooth and glossy finish, by removing or reducing the appearance of these imperfections. 

It is a more extensive process than paint enhancement and it involves multiple steps, including washing, claying, compounding, polishing and sealing. 

Paint correction services can be done on any type of paint and it is a great way to maintain the factory finish of the vehicle and protect the vehicle’s paint. 

It is also a great option for those who want to improve the overall appearance of their vehicle before selling it, or showing it in a car show.

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Jessica Scott
Jessica Scott
VW Polo
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Just want to thank James for all his hard work making my car look brand new again. I’m very impressed with how it looks and love how shiny it is, he done a great job. 100% recommend!!
Lee Brown
Lee Brown
Ford Focus ST
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I can't recommend this company enough they had it in and out same day with a fantastic finish if I could give 10 star's I would ...highly recommended 👏
Suzzane Williams
Suzzane Williams
Read More
Thank you James for your professionalism and hard work today. My car is the cleanest it’s ever looked and the hints and tips you gave along the way is very much appreciated. Defo recommended and I will book again! 👍
Ben Getley
Ben Getley
Jaguar XF
Read More
Popped down to see James about some paint correction and to get some scratches out of my car and he was adamant he could get the car back to it’s best. He absolutely dug out blind on my car and did way more then I expected!
Douglas Young
Douglas Young
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James has just given both my cars the Ceramic Pro Sport treatment with hugely impressive results. Really pleased and great value.
Gary Stephens
Gary Stephens
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Called James in to tidy a lease car I had been delivered. Couldn't be more happy. Great job, easy to deal with, explains every step of the process and uses the best product and experience you can get. Will certainly use again. Full marks from me.
Steven Dyble
Steven Dyble
Read More
would highly recommend him for anyone thinking of having their car or van!! detailed,as this gent certainly knows his stuff,his product knowledge is second to none and also gave excellent aftercare advice,and by the time he was finished my car looked stunning

Paint Correction FAQ's

Got a question about correcting paintwork? Check out our FAQ’s for information. 

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Paint correction is a specialized process that aims to restore the appearance and condition of a vehicle’s paint, with the goal of eliminating imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, and holograms. This process goes beyond a standard wash and wax, utilizing advanced techniques like buffing and polishing in order to fully remove the defects that can detract from the look of a vehicle.

A regular car wash or detailing service typically only cleans the exterior of a vehicle, while paint correction involves a more thorough process of removing imperfections in the paint.

 The car’s paint will appear smoother, with a beautiful, glossy shine that will amplify its color. Not only this, but all minor scratches and blemishes will be erased, leaving the car looking almost as good as new and allowing it to stand

Paint correction for your car is an important part of its maintenance, and the frequency of service depends on a few key factors. The condition of the paint should be taken into account; if it is severely damaged or has many scratches, these need to be addressed more quickly than if the paint is only slightly worn down. 


Paint correction is a safe and effective way to restore the appearance of your car’s finish. It involves using a combination of specialized tools and compounds to gently polish away the outer layer of paint that has been damaged from wear and tear over the years, revealing the glossy, vibrant surface beneath. Professional technicians are experienced in recognizing common issues with automotive


Paint correction is a great way to restore the original luster and shine of a car’s paint job. It can effectively remove superficial scratches and swirl marks that occur with general wear and tear, restoring the finish to its original condition. However, deeper scratches may not be completely removed but can be minimized significantly by wet sanding or touch-


The amount of time it takes to complete such a service depends on the condition of the car’s paint and the size of the vehicle. For smaller cars, completing paint correction can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day. Larger cars, however, may take slightly longer. Get an exact quote for your vehicle and find out how long by clicking the Get A Quote button.

The cost of paint correction is dependent on various factors, such as the condition of the paint and other criteria. To get a fully accurate quote for your vehicle please click the Get A Quote button.

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